Services We Offer

  • Free Blood Pressure Testing
     Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is important because the symptoms of high blood pressure are often barely noticeable and may have serious consequences.

  • Free Repeat Prescription & Collection Service
    You can order your repeat prescription by 
telephone, email or by handing in your 
request form at any one of our pharmacies.

  • NHS & Private Prescriptions Dispensed
    We dispense both NHS and private prescriptions and keep computerised records of what we supply.

  • Disposal of Unwanted Medicines
    Are unused and expired medications filling up your medicine cabinet? Don’t flush them down the drain or throw them in the trash.

  • Free Repeat Prescription & Delivery Service
    At HADO Pharmacy, we offer a free prescription collection and delivery service from local surgeries.

  • Travel Health Medicines
     We provide a full range of travel clinic services, support and assistance, before and after your trip including: travel vaccinations, immunisations, medicine and injections.

  • Book a private consultation with us

    At Hado Pharmacy we have a private consultation room where you can sit down and have a private,
    face-to-face,informal conversation with the pharmacist about your medicines. By the end of the MUR you’ll know more
    about your medicines and what they do and feel confident your medicines are now working to benefit your health. It is completely
    confidential and you and your GP will receive a record of the discussion.